Initial Setup with PackageAhoy

After registering your facility account, there is a little set up that needs to be completed, and includes the following items:

  • Upload your customer information
    • Using a generic CSV data file, list of all the people in whose name you receive packages. Each record (customer) must contain a maximum of 10 fields (places to store data). We recommend using these fields: first name, last name, email address, mailbox number, contact number, etc.
  • Import your data to the PackageAhoy system
    • Once you've uploaded the data file, the system will ask you to choose a data type for each of the fields you entered, and then import it to the packageAhoy system.
  • Establishing "pick-up facilitys"
    • These are the locations where the packages can be picked up.
  • Setting the "Notification Period"
    • Whether the recipient is immediately notified when a package is logged, or if the notifications are all sent together after all the packages in the batch have been logged.

Once you have completed the initial setup, you can begin loggings your own pacakges. In the meantime, you can view how packages are logged using PackageAhoy.

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New to PackageAhoy?

Our Getting Started page highlights the items to consider before registering.
Once you have reviewed the Getting Started page and want to take advantage of our free month trial, register a pick-up facility account.
After registering, complete the initial setup to get your pick-up facility ready to start using PackageAhoy.
After the initial set up, you are ready to start logging packages.