Getting Started with PackageAhoy

Before registering a PackageAhoy account, ensure that you meet the criteria below, which is required for every pick-up facility which uses PackageAhoy. Some of the items here may need to be discussed internally before registering your pick-up facility account. If you have any questions about any of the items listed here, feel free to contact us.

  1. Do you currently have someone who handles the receiving of packages and sends/prints notifications for your customers?
    • This would be the person who would use the administrative portion of this website to log packages, notify recipients, generate delivery statistics, etc.
  2. Do you use a Microsoft Office Program (Excel or Access) to manage your customer information?
    • It is easiest to import your information to the PackageAhoy system if the data is already stored in an access database or an excel spreadsheet. Customer information can also be imported using CSV data files if you use other means to manage your customer data.
  3. Do you want to send an email notification to the recipient of the package immediately upon logging, or is there some amount of time between when the package is logged and when the package is available for pickup?
    • When packages are logged in one location and then taken to another location, it is helpful for the emails to be sent when the packages reach their destination, not when the package is first logged. If you are logging the packages in the same location as they are being picked up, email notifications can go out immediately, or once the series of packages has been entered.
  4. Do some of your customers pick up their package in one location, while other customers pick up their package in a different location?
    • When dealing with multiple pick-up destinations, there can be a separate "batch received" process, which would then send out the emails to the customers based on their pick-up destination.
  5. Do you currently have some sort of identification number which is unique to each of your recipients?
    • Mailbox number, student/employee number, etc.

Once you have reviewed/discussed the items on this page, you are ready to register your PackageAhoy account.

Once you have registered a PackageAhoy account, view our Initial Setup Instructions to get your pick-up facility ready to start using PackageAhoy.

Once you have completed the initial setup, you can view how packages are logged using PackageAhoy, and then begin logging your own packages.

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Our Getting Started page highlights the items to consider before registering.
Once you have reviewed the Getting Started page and want to take advantage of our free month trial, register a pick-up facility account.
After registering, complete the initial setup to get your pick-up facility ready to start using PackageAhoy.
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