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We offer all new customers one free month of service to try our Package Management Solution! Near the end of the trial month, you will receive an email asking whether you will be continuing using PackageAhoy after the free trial ends, or if you wanto to continue taking advantage of our user-friendly solution.

Before starting your free month of service, view the items listed on the Getting Started page to make sure your company meets the criteria to use PackageAhoy. Once you have reviewed the items there, you can register a pick-up facility account, and then complete the Initial Setup, and then begin logging packages.

We offer a free one month trial to all new customers. Sign up for your free trial today!

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Our Getting Started page highlights the items to consider before registering.
Once you have reviewed the Getting Started page and want to take advantage of our free month trial, register a pick-up facility account.
After registering, complete the initial setup to get your pick-up facility ready to start using PackageAhoy.
After the initial set up, you are ready to start logging packages.