PackageAhoy Features Include:

  • A Simple, User-Friendly Interface
    PackageAhoy has been developed to save you time by making the package logging and notification process as smooth and simple as possible. If there is anything you feel we can add to our system, please contact us with a recommendation for upgrade.
  • Mail and Package Notifications
    Daily notifications can be completely customized per pick-up facility. If you would like to notify your customers when their mail has been distributed to their mailbox, or if you only want to notify your customers when they've received a package, or even if you want to notify them in both instances, you can with PackageAhoy.
  • Email and/or Text Notifications
    You must have your customer's cell phone provider information to be able to send them text message notifications. If you only have email addresses for your customers, email notifications can be used.
  • Custom Notification Messages
    Is your pick-up facility only open between certain hours? You can fully customize the email and text message notifications. The "sender" of the email can be set to your work email address, so your customer's notifications do not end up in their spam folder.
  • Pick-Up Package Portal
    Before your customer arrives at the pick-up facility to pick up their package they can either print the email they received to locate their package, or when they get to the pick-up facility you can enter their mailbox number to show all the available packages to be pick up.
  • Logging and Auditing
    All the packages you log through PackageAhoy will be saved, and you can view previously logged packages at any time. Depending on your package volume, you may need to audit remaining packages from the prior day/week, in order to ensure all packages are accounted for in the system before the day starts.
  • Scannable Barcodes
    Most packages come with tracking information, which can be easily scanned into the system rather than risking a typo by manually entering the information. Internal barcodes can also be used when logging packages, which help with the audit procedure, if requested.

PackageAhoy Benefits Include:

  • Increased staff productivity
    The PackageAhoy system allows you to quickly log packages and notify your customers. This allows you to quickly complete the package responsibilities, and then move on to your next task.
  • Reduction of missing packages
    Once the package arrives to you, you are liable for that package until the customer picks it up. Packages which remain in your pick-up facility for a long period of time are more likely to be misplaced or stolen, so it is important that your customer is notified quickly, in a manner that is not easy to avoid (like a package slip in their mailbox).

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